AMG Advance Profitable Sdn Bhd (AMG)
AMG Advance Profitable Sdn Bhd (AMG) was incorporated in Malaysia on 2011 and it is a private limited company with its registered office at No. 148-3, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.

Business of AMG
AMG is principally engaged in the business of investment, operation and cultivation management of swiftlet farming houses. AMG business activities include the following:

  1. Swiftlet farming
    - Procurement of land use rights:
    - Construction of swiftlet houses – includes farming facilities such as audio
       systems, CCTV, etc
    - Management of swiftlet houses – maintenance for the structure and all the
       facilities including security, skilled workers and labour, electricity, internet
       communications, video monitoring and harvesting,
    - Skilled workers and labour
    - Approvals and licensing
  2. Bird's nest trading
    - Trading in cave and house bird's nest to China and ASEAN countries
    - Provides export and import services to other bird's nest suppliers in Malaysia
    - Permits for import and export
    - Permits to market and sell bird's nest in China
    - Bird's Nest Chain Stores
  3. Bird's nest processing
    - Processing of raw bird's nest into quality products free from harmful
       chemicals and preservatives

Bird's Nest Chain Stores (China)
AMG is setting up a chain of bird's nest retail stores in China to market AMG bird's nest products. Bird's nest Chain Stores will have a product line-up that will target the different segments of the bird's nest market. AMG is also currently working on collaborations with major retail outlets in China to distribute AMG bird's nest products. These plans, once fully executed, will allow:

  1. AMG to complement its swiftlet farming business, where supply of pure house bird's nest for its retail chain stores is guaranteed from the swiftlet farm harvests
  2. swiftlet house purchasers an added avenue to sell their harvest
  3. swiftlet house purchasers who are interested in the bird's nest retail business in China to tap on AMG's expertise, network and experience via a bird's nest retail store franchise license from AMG