Business Opportunity
AMG is inviting you to realize your millionaire dream by investing in our Swiftlet house farming and participating in the near future with us in the downstream business especially the retails store in China. Investors may realize an internal rate of return of more than 20% over 30 years by investing with us. Our current Recommended Selling Price ( RSP) of on Swiflet house is Malaysia Ringgit 300,000. The initial investment is a one-time payment that includes the following:

- Construction of a single story swiftlet house measuring 20' by 60' (approximately 1200 sq ft) at one of the 13 islands located off Sandakan, Malaysia
- Yearly management fees for the swiftlet house, which includes security, farming, harvesting, marketing and sale of bird's nests
- Land lease for 30 years
- Do not be left out. The initial investment amount will increase due to the maturity of the farm site (returning nesting swiftlets)
- Option to participate in our retails businesses in China

1.Why You Should participate

  • Individuals/Businesses:
    - Financial security
    - Passive/ alternative income for the next 30 years
    - Income-generating property without the hassle of managing and maintaining the property
    - Discover the next "Black Swan" that can turn a small investment into multi-fold investment returns
    - Stop paying a high retail bird's nests price for consumption and as premium gifts (retail bird nest prices are up to 3X the wholesale price)
    - Best start to swiftlet farming
    - Set up a bird's nest trading business with guaranteed supply of pure bird's nest
    - Open a bird's nest retail store (especially in China)
    - Benefit from our expertise, business connections, suppliers, logistics support, marketing and promotional support
  • Existing Bird's nest Business Owners
    - Diversify your bird's nest supply
    - Guaranteed supply of high-quality and pure bird's nest
    - Solid logistical support for your bird's nests export and import needs
    - Wary of the quality of the bird's nest obtained from your current suppliers
    - Wary of procedural and regulatory changes  

2.Extra Benefits
As a swiftlet house owner with AMG, you will also enjoy these benefits:

  • Automatically membership to the Sabah Bird Nest's Industry Association (SABA), which will represent the investors in lobbying with respective government agencies to protect investors benefits
  • First right to purchase the harvested bird's nest for own consumption or for own business
  • "Free" use of the land used to build the swiftlet house; Fee will be deducted from the proceeds of the harvested bird's nest
  • Alignment of interest for the house owner with the land owner, AMG, and Gomantong Visions; fees can only be earned only if there is harvest

3.Why AMG?
Based on AMG's thorough research and field studies, the swiftlet population in Sandakan is more than able to accommodate the development of 500 swiftlet houses. AMG Group has signed a MOU with local land owners to jointly develop and build swiftlet houses in surrounding islands of Sandakan and we are targeting to complete 100 swiftlet houses by the end of June 2013.

  • AMG has established international network for bird's nests trading
  • AMG leverages on Mr. Woo's more than 20 years of experience in bird's nests trading that provides worldwide export and import permits, inspection and approval for selling natural bird's nests in China, consultant for bird's nests processing factories in China, as well as consultant for local swiftlet house development projects.
  • Unique business structure allows the alignment of interests among vested parties
    The swiftlet house development project is implemented in a traditional swiftlet breeding business model used by the indigenous peoples of Sandakan.
    AMG collaboration with the indigenous local farmers in co-managing and sharing of the harvest to guarantees the quality of the bird's nests harvest.
  • Partnership with the indigenous bird's nests entrepreneurs.
    Gomantong Vision Sdn Bhd comprises of senior indigenous members from the local bird's nest industry and is led by group founder and chairman Mr. Datu. Gomantong has obtained license from he Sandakan town council for the building, operating and maintenance of the swiflet house and also trading and export of he bird's nest.
  • In-house branding
  • Bird's nest processing capability
    The processing of raw bird nest into quality products free from harmful chemicals and preservatives, through partnership with its affiliated companies.
  • Franchise opportunities in China

4.Where is Sandakan?
Federal Malaysia consists of thirteen states with two similar size regions namely Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia) and Malaysian Borneo (East Malaysia). The AMG swiftlet house development project is located at Sandakan, in the state of Sabah. Sandakan is also the second largest port in East Malaysia

Why Sandakan?

  • The Gamantong Caves in Sandakan are world renowned caves for bird's nest harvesting
  • Unique geographical environment with vast forest reserves able to support a high swiftlet population with clean and pollution-free food sources.
  • Tropical rainforest climate with temperatures between 28-33 o C throughout the year; it is often referred to as "Land Below The Wind" meaning land below the typhoon zone, without any interference of abrupt climate change.
  • Malaysia is a Commonwealth country that has always been politically stable with private property protected by the Constitution.