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Swiftlet Farming Investment by Glamour Options
NTV7 Mag7 Episode 22 The Bird Nest Diaries
Nangoh Bird House Visit Part 1
Nangoh Bird House Visit Part 2
Nangoh Bird House Visit Part 3
AMG Swiftlet House_CCTV Installation
AMG Swiftlet House_Indoor view with bird's nest
Kg. Jawa 1 Surrounding
Inland Bird Call Test_Sg. Banting
Inland Bird Call Test_Jalan Gum-Gum Kecil
Inland Bird Call Test_Bidong-Bidong


马来西亚燕窝进口解禁 零售价将达6万元/公斤

AMG is inviting you to realize your millionaire dream by investing in our Swiftlet house farming and participating in the near future with us in the downstream business especially the retails store in China.

Why AMG?
Based on AMG's thorough research and field studies, the swiftlet population in Sandakan is more than able to accommodate the development of 500 swiftlet houses. AMG Group has signed a MOU with local land owners to jointly develop and build swiftlet houses in...

Mr. Satianathan
I decided to invest in Swiftlet Farming because Benny and Team were very professional in their presentation and site visits as well as transparent in their expectations and outcomes. The first three years guaranteed returns of 6%, the option to switch location of house at no cost and the exit clause at end of three years are further motivation for me in investing in this product. As a retiree I have to be very prudent in investing my life-long savings to generate enough returns to see me through till death.