Mr. Simon Wong, co-owner of swiftlet house no. SSH216
"Coming from a family who owned Chinese Medical Hall for more than 40 years, I know the value of bird's nest since young. Brought up in a small town where a number of my home town friends invested in bird's nest houses, I know the potential growth and profit of this business. Having met the friendly, helpful and sincere people from AMG Advance Profitable Sdn Bhd as well as its appointed marketing agent, Global Asset Advisory Pte Ltd, I was comforted to know that my investment will be in the good hands of people whom I can trust. During a Swiftlet farming field trip to Sandakan in early July 2012, I was convinced that the location is ideal and the investment is real.
For all those investors out there, you should seriously consider Swiftlets Farming as part of your portfolio. "

Mr. Philip Lim, owner of swiftlet house no. SSH211
"It was my first time to Sandakan, Sabah (East Malaysia) and the 13 islets during my Swiftlet Housing Inspection Trip. I was truly impressed, inspired and immersed in the rolling green, beautiful natural scenery. The indigenous flora and fauna immediately brought me closer to nature, my perspective of a miniature garden of Eden! I enjoyed the unsullied air of the surrounding in the conserved mangrove forest. The comprehensive and balanced eco-system is vital to the natural habitat and peaceful living for the swiftlets. Therefore, I anticipate plentiful and abundance in bird nest harvesting.
I want to be part of this signature master plan for Swiftlet Housing Development for Bird Nest Farming. Upon my return to Singapore, I bought one Swiftlet House for my family immediately. I am proud to play my role in providing a nesting place, a haven for the swiftlets. I anticipate 30 years of fruitful return. I want to leave behind the Greatest Legacy for my next generation.
GOD Bless."

Mr. Satianathan, owner of swiftlet house no. SSH220

"I decided on investing in Swiftlet Birdnest Farming as Benny and Team were very professional in their presentation, site visit and transparent in their expectations and outcome. The first three year gurrantee returns of 6%, the option to switch location of house at no cost and the exit clause at end of three years are further motivation for me in investing in this product. As a retiree I have to be very prudent in investing my life-long savings to generate enough returns to see me through till death."

Mr. Alvin Goh, co-owner of swiftlet house no. SSH213
"Swiftlet farming is a rare business investment opportunities with high demand and limited supply. Is a business that requires very little of your time, yet promises returns surpassing that of properties, unit trusts, stocks or commodities.
Gomantong Cave is one of the well known supplies of premium quality birdnest and with our birdhouse built at the islands surrounding Gomantong Cave, is just like our Newton, Holland and Bukit Timah properties surrounding orchard road with promising upsides."

Ms. Tan Yan Cheng, owner of swiftlet house no. SSH250
"I chose AMG Advance Profitable Sdn Bhd for my swiftlet farming investment based on three reasons. First of all, the company management team has abundant of knowledge and experience in swiftlet farming. The second reason is the geographical environment; where the swiftlet house is build on island. The third reason is that Sandakan is located in the swiftlets flow path. Based on these three reasons, I am assured of the investment plan offered by AMG Advance Profitable. We are also aware of the bird's nest demand in China's market and it is feasible to do swiftlet farming. I wish AMG Advance Profitable successful in this project."

Mr. Li Mingqiu, co-owner of swiftlet house no. SSH213
"Bird's nests have long been a popular tonic used to nourish beauty. With the rapid development of China's economy, the people's living standards have greatly improved. Everyone focuses on maintaining a healthy body, bird's nest has also become our modern beauty care remedy as well as an excellent gift for friends and family. By investing in swiftlet farming we can increase bird's nest production to satisfy the market demand. Sandakan has the geographical advantage where the natural environment is suitable for swiftlets breeding. This investment is safe, reliable and has high value-added potential."