24 July 2014

AMG Advance Profitable Sdn Bhd (AMG), a limited liability company duly incorporated in Malaysia whose main business is in managing bird nest farming facilities in West Malaysia has signed a MOU on July 15 2014 with Gene Oasis (GO), a limited liability company duly incorporated in Singapore whose flagship business is in bird's nest processing and its proprietary technologies/Intellectual Property (IP). GO is an innovative spin-off from its Research & Development in bioscience and biotechnology, capitalizing on translating opportunities in the bioscience and biomedical industries.

Both companies are prominent in their respective operation and markets. AMG has been active in farming bird’s nest and the biggest bird-house farming investment management company in Sandakan, Sabah. Providing the end consumers with reliable, top quality and purest bird’s nests is AMG’s mission. GO has received Singapore government recognition and its founder’s Dr Lim Kah Meng is a prominent figure in the bioscience and biotechnology research and development with primary focus in edible bird’s nest, TCM and extract technologies of natural and organic products.

This MOU marked the beginning of a strong strategic partnership and a win-win position to both companies as together both can enhance their joint market positions, improve product and technology offering to ultimately drive sales volume. Both companies intend to enter into a business cooperation to enhance, and share in, the synergy and the growth prospects of the bird’s nest and related cosmetic industries and businesses, differentiated by proprietary technologies and IP (the “business cooperation”).

The MOU describes key terms of the business cooperation for negotiation, and will be replaced by a definitive, legally binding agreement (the “definitive agreement”) between AMG and GO to be entered into by the next 6 months.

28th December 2013

AMG Profitable (AMG) is a fully integrated Swiftlet Farming Investment Management Company, with our very own Swiftlet Farm Houses in Sandakan, High-tech Bird’s Nest Processing Facility in Guang Zhou, Port & Warehousing Facility in Guang Zhou and Extensive Retail & Distribution Network in China and Hong Kong. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, our operations span across most of the regions of China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the rest of Asia. With supportive Sabah-Sandakan Government policy, we are poised to develop superb quality bird’s nest to meet the growing demand, while at the same time provide investment opportunity for consumers to take part in both the upstream (farming) and downstream (retail) business of this industry to make handsome profit.

Since 1990, AMG has been trading and shipping bird’s nests for the whole of Asia with the main bulk of shipment targeted primarily for the China and Hong Kong markets. Current trade volume stands at 6 metric tons (MT) per year and is growing. In order to cater to the increasing demand of the Chinese market for high quality bird’s nests, AMG partnered GOMANTONG Vision Bird’s Nest Sdn Bhd and Sabah Sandakan Government in 2011 to construct 300 - 500 Swiftlet Houses, becoming the single biggest large scale Bird’s Nest Farming project in Sandakan. We exclusively managed 13 off-shore islands, totalling 120 hectares of the purest bird’s nests in this industry.

As more and more consumers become more educated on the importance of health and organic diets, bird’s nest has been increasingly recognized as a great natural source of health enhancing product. In China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore, annual retail sales of bird’s nest have been increasing steadily. Based on statistics, the annual retail sales volume in Hong Kong has hit 200MT, that of Taiwan is in excess of 150MT and that of China has already surpassed 500MT this year. From Bloomberg largest data, in 2012 Vietnam market size for bird’s nest has surpassed USD200mil in total. The increasing demand for bird’s nest in South East Asia has placed a significant strain on the supply chain.

Out of the 4 South East Asia bird’s nest supply countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, only Malaysia is classified as a “non bird-flu” region and will continue to be highly sought after in the bird’s nest industry. Being a totally non-touched and most natural environment, Sandakan and its 13 islands will be the only best choice and will be able to offer bird’s nest of the best quality ever harvested.

Currently, with the partnership with Glamour Options, GAA and Harmony Homes, our key marketing agents, AMG has already completed close to 100 units of Swiftlet houses and in the year 2014 will look to complete another 200 houses with our strategic partners from China and Taiwan. This will be one of the most significant milestones for Sabah Sandakan government, GOMANTONG Visions and AMG in this coming fiscal year.


Owning the best quality bird’s nest will require a strong distribution network in order to bring the best to our consumers. With the recent announcement on the 25th December 2013 on the lifting of bird’s nest import restriction to China, AMG will increase our shipment to 15MT this coming year through our extensive retail and wholesale networks.

Currently in final discussion with a China conglomerate partner, AMG will embark on an investment of USD50mil in the next phase to extend our island bird’s nest farms to create and manage Sabah Sandakan Bird’s Nest Economy Park (Sandakan ECO Park) combining Integrated Swiftlet House Management, High Tech Processing Facility, state-of-the-art BioTech R&D Facility, Sabah Sandakan Government Regulated Inspection Facility and a series of leisure outlets, like bird’s nest restaurants and exhibition tour centre. This will be the world biggest managed farming agricultural centre targeting at 3000 farm units in accordance to Malaysia BIG 10 plans to increase bird’s nest shipment to 30% of the world supply.
At the same time, we have initiated plans to build our flag-ship retail outlets in Shanghai and Beijing, targeting to complete 300 franchises in year 2016 to cover the whole of China.

We like to thank everyone for attending AMG 2013 Harvest Ceremony. Special thanks to Sabah Sandakan Government, GOMANTONG Visions and JKK for their strong support all these years.

AMG自1990年开始从事燕窝贸易及物流行业,当前年贸易量已达到6吨,并持续增长。由于华人市场对高品质燕窝的需求不断提升,2011年10月22日AMG 与 哥曼洞私人有限公司(见注1)及沙巴州山打根市政府,发布在山打根发展300-500间燕屋养殖计划,现在已拥有13个海岛的开发使用权,占地120公顷,成为山打根最大的纯净屋燕养殖基地。

随着人们越来越重视养生的观念,对燕窝这个有机天然健康滋补品的需求量也日益增长,在中、港、澳、台、新加坡及越南等地区的燕窝销售量更是年年攀升。数据表明,香港每年消费总量在200吨左右,台湾每年消费超过150吨,中国内地每年消费燕窝也在500吨以上。另外,根据 Bloomberg 机构的最新的报告数据表明,2012年越南的燕窝市场产值已经达到2亿美金,燕窝市场在整个东亚地区不断成长,燕窝的需求缺口将会越来越大。




拥有了优良的产地及产量,如何将这些高品质的燕窝送到每位消费者手上,也是AMG所努力的环节。中国政府2013年12月25日发布,正式准予符 合<进口马来西亚燕窝产品检验验疫要求>的马来西亚燕窝产品进口到中国。AMG将增加我们的年贸易量至15吨,全面覆盖直销及批发网络。


AMG正与一个中国的强大合作伙伴以及一家投资基金公司进行商务合作,将投资五千万美金扩展我们的海岛燕屋养殖基地,计划打造和管理运营沙巴山打根燕窝经济园区(Sabah Sandakan Bird’s nest ECO Park)。我们将结合燕屋经营管理、高科技燕窝加工区、顶级生物科技研究中心、燕窝品质检验中心、餐厅、燕窝博物馆和展示中心于一体,形成燕窝产业经济园区。集团燕屋的总数计划达到3000间,成为全球最天然、最专业、最高品质的燕窝实业集团,共同为马来西亚的《第十大马计划》(# 265;注2)做出巨大贡献,使得马来西亚的燕窝年产量占全球年产量的30%。


2. 《第十大马计划》 马来西亚农业与农基部希望通过政府协助与国内燕商的配合,引进外资,使马来西来燕窝产量从2008年的250吨到2020年至少提高到850吨。